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About Mélanie Joly

Mélanie Joly lives in Montreal and has been working in the web industry for over 15 years.

“One day I got the sudden urge to create something with my own bare hands, to create an object that would sustain the test of time AND be useful,” she recalls.“ Then I got interested in woodwork, and not long after I learned how to create and shape a pen. I was immediately hooked.”

“What I really love doing when I create handmade pens and razors is blending various materials with different wood essences from all over this generous planet: ebony and its dark colour due to the presence of parasites, Israel’s olive tree, rosewood and its magnificent blood-tinted resin… and of course, some recycled skateboard!”

“When I use centenarian trees, I feel they continue living through each of the pens and razors I create, from scratch to completion.”